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To be the UK’s leading cleaning company providing flexible and reliable Eco friendly cleaning services to public and private sector organisations, creating a cleaner and healthier workplace. We would like to see regulated guidelines promoting eco-friendly workplace cleaning. Ecolush is the first company in the UK to take a lead role in this initiative and will continue raising awareness to drive positive change for the good of the environment, this is important to us.


Ecolush is a specialist cleaning company providing cleaning services to homes, offices and other commercial facilities across the UK. We pride ourselves on exceptional eco-friendly cleaning service when it comes to providing a safe and clean workplace environment. Established in 2019, we specifically train our staff on the importance of recycling, responsible waste management, and the use of environment friendly products and materials.

Home cleaning and Office cleaning can be a daunting task with your ‘oh-so-busy’ schedules.  At Ecolush, we respect your priorities and will be happy to help.  

We, at Ecolush, understand that helping kids with their studies and extracurricular activities holds more value than doing the home-cleaning.  On weekends, relaxing or spending quality time with your dear ones is more important than doing the cleaning chores.

For office-goers, offices are like second homes and keeping the office premises fresh and clean tops the priority lists of all office managers / facility managers.

Ecolush cleaning services in London offers professional cleaning services to make your homes and offices look their very best. From cleaning baths, sinks, tiles and windows to computers and keyboards, our cleaners have the expertise to clean them all.

Call Ecolush on +44 203 070 3979 and allow us to customise a cleaning service programme to suit your individual needs and within your budget.  So, whether you require a regular daily, weekly, monthly service or just a one-time service, you can always rely on Ecolush for providing the best cleaning services near you, at competitive rates.

Ecolush also helps you in giving back to the community you live in by hiring local trained cleaning professionals for the offered cleaning services. 

At Ecolush, we are conscious about the cleaning products we use. We choose to use the cleaning products that are free from harmful chemicals and are healthier and safer for your home and office environment. We make extra efforts to ensure that all our cleaning products are environment-friendly, non-toxic and easily biodegradable. Ecolush strives to provide you eco-friendly and sustainable cleaning services with special emphasis on recycling and responsible waste management.

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At Ecolush, we strive to uphold a professional culture based upon dedicated knowledge of the services we offer and the impact this has on the wider environment. This is why our aim is to provide a unique cleaning service alternative, sorely using specialist products and materials to ensure your business is able to maintain an eco-friendly workplace.