Home is where the heart is. You can keep busy taking care of your heart, for home let Ecolush help you. Call us on +44 203 070 3979 in London, for eco-friendly domestic-cleaning at your convenience, at your time, on your preferred days.


Our standard home-cleaning service covers the following:

  1. Bathroom

  2. Kitchen

  3. Bedroom

  4. Living Area


Ecolush will be happy to clean and disinfect your bathroom, kitchen, bedrooms and living area. We will do everything including but not limited to mopping, dusting, scrubbing and vacuuming.  Ecolush cleaning professionals are proficient in cleaning various surfaces and textiles as well. We will clean thoroughly and get your home rid of any dirt, dust, grime and stains. We use high-tech professional equipments to clean your house to make it look at its best.


Call now on: +44 203 070 3979 in London to get a detailed idea of what all is included in our domestic-cleaning package and its competitive price.


We will be happy to provide a specialized domestic-cleaning package especially customized for you as per your individual requirement.