Offices are second homes for office-goers and keeping the office premises fresh and clean tops the priority lists of all office managers / facility managers. In London, call Ecolush on +44 203 070 3979 for eco-friendly workplace-cleaning services.


Our standard office cleaning service covers the following:

  1. Work surfaces and equipments including phones, keyboards etc.

  2. Carpets, upholstery, blinds and windows

  3. Restrooms, meeting rooms, waiting areas.

  4. Doors handles, knobs and switches.


Working in dirty surroundings can be stressful for your workforce and may hamper your organisation’s performance. Ecolush strives to make your working environment the best it can be.  A fresh and clean space means happier employees and it also has a very positive effect on your clients and visitors.


Call now on: +44 203 070 3979 in London to get a detailed idea of what all is included in our office-cleaning package and its competitive price.


We will be happy to provide a specialized office-cleaning package especially customized for you as per your individual requirement.